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Re: Severe Osteoporosis at 29?

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of 34. The year prior I had a full hysterectomy and removal of both ovaries due to endometriosis. I was already underweight, lactose intolerant, had been on thyroid meds for over twenty years, am small boned, and at the time smoked (I quit in 2006 the day I had my dexa scan and have stayed quit). I was quite physically active and didnt have any fractures or anything but I wanted to get a baseline dexa due to all my risk factors and at the time surgical menopause was a living nightmare and I couldnt find an hrt to help me feel human again (thank you Vivelle Dot for taking care of that problem!). I was shocked to get my scores...-3.2 in spine and -1.8 in hip. However, I refused to go on the Fosomax they wanted to put me on. The only prescription other than my hrt that I tried was Miacalcin which helped slightly but I was on the spray and started having sinus issues so stopped. I was able to gain weight, stop smoking, increase calcium and vitamin d intake, and started an exercise program and lifting weights. My scores improved in 2007 with -3.0 in spine and -1.4 in hip. Unfortunately I developed severe anorexia nervosa (still battling that to an extent but much better than where I was for a time) and my scores did go down slightly in my hip but stayed the same in my spine. I am trying to remedy the damage I have done.

I don't have hyperparathyroidism but I have heard that once that problem is corrected you will see major improvements (I am taking medical courses in college for a Health Information Management program). The good news is that you now know the cause of your bone loss and can do something about it. You are also young and still have your natural hormones and your bones can recover more easily and still build yet. You are not destined for a life of crippling pain. Hang in there and can fighting for good medical care. I know how frustrating it is. I have been through so much with the medical establishment and being brushed aside. Had I not begged to have a baseline dexa I shudder to think where I would be today. Unfortunately I was hit by a mini van while on my bike in August (just a hard bump as she pulled out of a driveway without watching for pedestrians or bikes and bumped me but enough to send me skidding and jar my spine). My bike was damaged but the thing that is worse is this constant back pain now (and stupidly I let her off the hook when by all means I should have taken a police report as it was her fault and I am still paying for it but I was so shaken at the time). My lower back feels compressed and certain movements make it worse. I have been getting the run around too but am finally going to be able to get in to my regular doctor this week and I know she will have me do some tests. it is frustrating and scary to be dealing with this at our age. I see it's been a while since you posted. I really hope you are doing better. I will pray for you.