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Question Confused - any advise appreciated - thanks


I have just returned from hospital after having a hysteroctopy (think that's the right spelling)

I have had problems with heavy menstrual bleeding and large clots and following an internal examination, my GP advised me I had a large bulky mass in my womb. I was sent for a scan where I was informed I either had a fibroid, or a polyp or it could have been fluid in my womb and the lining was thick.

So I was referred to a Gynae who said they would perform a hysteroctopy to have a 'look' around and remove the fibroid/polyp.

I was given a prostrap injection 4 weeks ago, which I understand was to thin the lining of my womb.

I was told that it should have stopped my last period, but 3 weeks ago I started bleeding and continued to do so for 15 days.

However, following the procedure yesterday they told me that they could not find any fibroid/polyp but the lining of my womb was 8mm and they have taken a biopsy. Is this normal???

I have been told it will take a few weeks to get the biopsy results through and to will have to go back in a couple of months to discuss results with consultant.

Many Thanks x

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