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Angry Re: Body Odor that I have and people at work only smell it!!

I found out where the body odor was comin from, I had candida. I went to the doctors and told him about the yeast infection I had and the med that doc had give me didnt work, so he give me doxycyclin for the rash on my neck and face... SO I looked up doxycyclin and found out that I have this rash because of the yeast infection that was there to long.

but why do I have a BO? Im really not likin this.

Oh I had asked one coworker that seem like he was kool, "Do I smell"? He said no he dont smell nothing. but one night at work I a fiber bar and that thing have a LOT of sugar in it< Im not goin to eat that no more.. but after that my body start havin a BO..