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Re: How does flu and its symptoms progress?

Originally Posted by janewhite1 View Post
Oh, you've got this year's bug. It's not the real flu, it's just a nasty virus thing. Sore throat, awful sounding cough, on-and-off low grade fever.

It took me a solid 2 weeks to kick it, and I ran a fever three separate times. Just take care of yourself and give it time.
Yep, sort of sounds like mine.

It's not the flu, though?

Yeah, I had an on-and-off low grade fever for a couple of days (not sure if I still have it b/c my normal body temperature is pretty low and 98.5 is getting up there for me) along with a sore throat, and the sore throat is gone. I have had a cough, just not a terrible one. Some congestion, though not too much. Had a headache one night.