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Unhappy Re: OCD with scratches/dents... also with washing.

Ohhhh - you describe my OCD issues to a T...

I've been diagnosed with OCD in my pre-teens and as long as I can remember I have always been enchanted by new shiny toys and devices. The shrink-wrapped item that is so perfect when I take it out of the fresh packaging glows to me.

I baby these new toys like crazy, and worry like a nut if I scratch it or something. And if I do scratch it (which happens with any device really from natural wear-and-tear) - my OCD symptoms trigger like a tsunami and I think I just marred this perfect piece of perfection.

This essentially makes every new toy or device I get a burden (when it is SUPPOSE to bring pleasure and happiness.) In effect, I become the slave to the device rather than me being the master of it.

schwelmr - I wonder if this is similar to your OCD issues - cause I kind of feel non-human and weird from this, and frankly I don't see a lot of people with OCD describe this obsession with devices as much as "hand-washing" or "cleaning" etc.....