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Re: 29 month old daughter, autism or speech delays?


I am not an autism expert by any means. I work with children of all types. Many of my students have autism. I can say that there are many children who simply have a language delay. In other words, a speech/language delay does not mean the child has autism. Even if your child is diagnosed with autism, with the right intervention and therapy your child can flourish and lead a very normal life depending on the circumstance. Do not lose hope, and try not to jump to conclusions. Your upcoming speech and language evaluation will provide you with a lot of answers and information.

(Side note: As a child I loved organizing anything and everything. My mother still laughs remembering when I used to empty the linen closet, bring all the towels into the living room, and re-fold them one by one before putting them back. I did this almost DAILY. My dad also had a collection of a billion plastic multi-colored paperclips and I would sort them by color and size. I frequently chose to play alone than with other kids so I could sort and organize, simply because that is what made me happy. And I do not have autism!)

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