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Re: OCD with scratches/dents... also with washing.

I'm so glad you responded. I've had this posted for months and you were the very first to respond. I cannot seem to find ANYONE with similar issues. On addition to this, I do have cleaning and organization issues, but not much with contamination with germs.
I've seeker professional help in the past with no success. As you probably know, the preferred method of treatment for OCD is exposure and response prevention but I feel like this treatment doesn't pertain too much to our issues with scratches and dents. Typically with OCD you have an obsession and a compulsion, and by exposing yourself to the trigger for the obsession and preventing carrying out the compulsion, you can stop the OCD cycle. However, with our issue, I don't feel like it works that way.
Have you undergone any treatment in the past? Any advice or tips?
I'm so glad you responded! Thank you!