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Re: "PPH" Hemorrhoidectomy - My experience/Recovery

Hello, I hade grade 2 and 4 hemmies which I suffered with for at least 15 years, given im only 32 that is a long time, . Originally they started out as just one little hemmy I went to the dr as a nervous 1g year old girl and the awful doctor dismissed me saying I was wasting gp time and they would go away. That obviously subconsciously scarred me as I never went back to gp about it. 15 years latre I wanted to star a famil and was told by a number of friend hemmies will be a problem if you dont suffer from them already. So with a new incentiv, I went back to the g (a diifernt one) the gp was shocked that I lived so long with this problem. She referred me to specialist and I had a pph and exision of two hemmies.

the pain after the surgery was horrendous. Not from the pph but the excisions. They cut off the hemmy and skin tags too whicha re the loose bits of skin which are left near the outside of the anus. This is to help hygienelater on when the surgery site has healed.

my top tip is rest, water drink plenty of it and lactulose. The first bowel movment came 3 days after the surgery (which was under general ane) I will not lie. It hurt. It feels like passing sharp razor blades and when u look in the bowel afterwards (if your brave enough) the actual stool or gauze (which they pack into ur rectum with meds to ease pain) is really quite pathetically small...

what I would say is a few days of pain is worth it to befree of these freeriders! And though ive said the pain post surgery is bad, it wasnt that bad as I voluntered to have another removed 3 months later! What can I say ive developed a good pain threshhold.

the moral to my tale is. Doctors, though medically trained are human,some are better at their job than others. If u meet a dr like I did when I was a teenager who treats u like dirt go to someone else. In fact go until someone listens to you. Also dont be afriad of surgery. Good luck.