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Re: Sjogren's? What do you think?

That sounds very much like Sjogren's. The pain and tingling you described sounds like peripheral neuropathy which is common with Sjogren's Syndrome, as is the extreme fatigue (it's my most debilitating symptom). Joint pain is also common, as is lung problems - in the past six months, my dry cough that I've had for years has turned into an asthma-like cough with wheezing and I now have a rescue inhaler.

Some people with Sjogren's are sero-negative, meaning their bloodwork will be normal but they can still have a very active disease process. Sjogren's can also be diagnosed via lip biopsy. It's unlikely a rheumatologist would suggest running blood tests for specific antibodies if your ANA continues to be negative, but s/he may recommend a lip biopsy based on your symptoms. Regardless, it sounds like you need to be receiving treatment for the pain, fatigue and dryness issues you are experiencing.

Best of luck.

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