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Question Back pain need advise

Ok so here is the history. Will try to be brief. had horsebackriding accident fell into fence fractured my l1 and lots of bruising. Left butt cheek went totally numb. 2 nights in hospital and 3 months in brace. Have had horrible back pain ever since. Have done pt and then started getting lower back pain especially when I bend forward. One am was pouring a cup of coffee and both legs went numb and they felt like they did not even belong to me. Was afraid to move. It finally went away the whole erperience only last maybe 2 min.

Scared the hell out of me went to pain dr and ordered another MRI. Had that done the day after thanksgiving. Pain got so bad I stayed on the couch for at least 5 days. Was having to take my vicoden 10-325 every 4 hrs and it would still not get rid of it. Just made it tolerable. Was hurting to even walk at that point. MRI results at l5-s1 there is a high signal at the posterior margin of the disc compatible with annular tear. Broad based disc bulge with small central disc protrusion. There is ligamentum flavum thickening and facet hypertrophy. No evidence of spinal canal stenosis. No evidence of significant thecal sac or nerve root compromise.

I then had the epidural steroid injection. It helped some but wore off after a week and a half. Just had another today which is two weeks from last one. The dr does not seem to think this has to do with my accident. How can it not? My butt is still numb and that is right below the disc that hurts. Now he is talking about an emg. I think he is as confused as I am.

He doesn't seem to think that the disc tear and herniation should be causing that much pain. My feet kept going numb and have that pins and needle feeling alot. I am getting very frustrated with the whole thing and he is making me feel like its all in my head. Im at loss and would love someone else's opinion. Thank you in advance

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