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Re: Help! Pinched Nerve Neck cause face numbness

**First off I would like to thank ALL of you who have replied to me. To Marcia I know that after my face numbness stopped all of a sudden right by my nose but my cheek part(sorry can't describe) started twitching for a couple of minutes non stop that was another symptom for me. As well as my eyelids and side of my lip and nostril. I do have a copy of my EMG/NCV and it does not have anything at the top which says normal or not normal I had it done right in the neuros office..but on the last page it says Summary of findings Conclusions are:
1-Bilateral Mild CTS
2. Right C7 C8 Radiculopathy
3. Bilateral L% Radiculopathy
and signed by the doctor.

The abnormalities on my report under EMG say:
I see C8-T1, C7-8, (C5-6 is Normal), C6-7-8, S1-S2 are normal,L4-L5,L2-4 are normal BUT no C1-C4 noted anywhere!---I don't know what is causing the pinch because can't get MRI I was just told to wear a neck brace,wrist brace and back brace.

BUT I don't see where anything says C1-4!! This is not on my results at all as being normal or not normal..If I got tested wouldn't it say it on there? How do you test C1-C4?? She inserted two needles bottom of neck I think on arm too as well as back.

Yeah I didn't ask the doc about the MRA I figured I would wait until the MRI in Jan. I'm just so frustrated this all started in September and I was finally excited to know about pinched nerves because I thought that was why I had face numbness...Then she told me NO not the cause....I been stressed,depressed,and crying for 3 months constantly looking at MS meds and researching MS because I know this is what I probably have...I hope not but I mean everything else is ruled out and all I have are pinched nerves and then all these weird sensations. I hate that my INS company wouldn't let me get my MRI I called up but the lady doing approval said they said all my tests were not medically necessary I mean how do they know they are NOT even doctors!! One day you have a normal life then the next everything can go wrong. My head feels very weird too at times I have my ears plugging up for no reason since before all of this and now pulsing and I remember bending over to get my youngest daughter out the crib and a lot of pressure was in my head. Right now my left ear is aching but I have no ear infection and it feels tight and just spasmed or something I don't know what to do I feel like something bad might happen to me! The ER doesn't care.Thank you so much for your replies.

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