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Re: Confused over it

Thank you for responding. I had esi on Wednesday and it's hard to tell. Thursday was good but friday it was hurting. We will see what today holds. As far as the dr, the one I'm seeing now is pain management. I had a neurosurgeon right after my accident, he just blew me off when he decided I did not need surgery. I would really like another opinion but having trouble fining a "spine specialist" in the area. Would like one that does nothing but spinal glad others feel like its from my accident also. I had never had back issues before that. I'm only 40 and a hair stylist. Im on my feet all day and can't afford to change careers at this point in my life but the pain is getting very old.... I'm also convinced that I could have possibly broken my tailbone at the same time but once again the drs kinda just blew me off on that issue. Still have tremendous pain there and numbness on the top left side of my behind. As far as is joint goes he has already considered that and I have alot of the symptoms. Get sharp shooting pains in the left side of upper thigh groin area. Which were REALLY intense and frequent after I fell. They have subsided but still have occasionally but not near as painful or intsense as they were. Thank you again for taking the time to read and respond to my situation. It is very much appreciated