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Pain managment of an Opiod addicted person

hello everyone this is the first time I have posted anything about myself on the net.....I have two herniated disks along with other disks that have bulging issues and bad lower back always hurts along with my left knee....I am only 27 yrs old and I have been having back problems for 10 yrs now...I don't know why I didn't take care of my back years ago I guess it was fear that I was dealing with a life long problem which I am now faced with....So I started first stealing my dads pain meds.....he has degenerative disk disease.....then I moved on to heroin...I was upfront with my doc (not at first but after a few months I owned up to it) I am now on 2 8mg suboxen a day which is plenty to keep my withdrawals at bay but my pain is to much to be taken care of by that alone.....but now since I said the H word and my tolorence is so hi No one will prescribe me anything and so I have been suffering for months....I am off heroin cause I moved away from so cal to austin tx and I don't want to go back to spending money and hurting every four hours....I don't know what to do.....I am seeing a PM doc and will get injections tomorrow for the second time....The first time hasn't done anything that I can tell....anyone got any advice?

P.S. I have taken pain pills and don't need to abuse them aka (snort/inject) I just have to take to many something like 300mg of oxy a day is what I need.....I never injected the H btw and I really don't feel like an addict if you met me you would never know, I don't look like that....when I have enough pain meds that is when I can do what I need to do for myself and my new wife....and I am going to therapy for the mental addiction and I would stop if i wasn't in constant pain....I am so screwed I feel the only thing i can do is go back to the street.....I have also tried just about every opioid out there with oxy having the best result...I don't want to take other things like benzos or soma's I don't like how sleepy those make me

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