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Re: Pain managment of an Opiod addicted person

Thank you for replying I really appreciate it, First off I know you are 100% right that their isn't a difference between a smoker or an IV user an addict is an addict and I know that....I really didn't turn to heroin in the first place because of the pain.....I was really just hanging out with the wrong crowd.....I kept using because of the pain and how I was able to do normal things without the normal pain.... I thought the daily pain I went through was "normal" I am not sure why I thought everyone dealt with it but I did....and my pain is not a 10 all the time it is mainly a 4, a 10 about once a week....depending on what I do......... and if I had to deal with it for a few weeks or months while I was healing I wouldn't really need pain pills but when I haven't been able to sit or stand comfortably for years and years with out pain meds it gets mentally tiring as everyone knows that has these problems.....when I started taking pain meds on a regular basis I was only 20 then on and off for the next 7 years going a year plus with nothing and I was miserable.....I ended up smoking weed and drinking heavily so I could sleep and sit and watch tv....but now I don't like weed any more or boo's I really don't like any other drugs but opiates because they seem to make my life normal
Another thing is that since I was young and only had pain half the time due to self medicating no doctors I went to thought it was a serious problem which I should have balked at and insisted I get an MRI but I was afraid of what the answer would be since I have grown up seeing my dad become more and more debilitated from neck problems.........I will definitely do everything the docs tell me and I hope that I will be able to pay for it....right now I have insurance 400 bucks a month which my folks are paying for.....but I went for about 5-6 months without any insurance and in that time I am now in debt for about 12 grand.....Its been almost a year since I used the H last and after all the money I have spent since then on non-opiate pain treatments and all the docs I have seen its a wonder why they wonder why I turned to the street for relief....but when it comes down to it I want this fixed above everything else and I don't really think that I will ever get 300mg a day of oxy I just wanted to let people know what my tolerance was.....I don't know if I am using this forum for advice, although I will take any advice seriously and if possible try to use it, or just to share I have been so depressed and just can't really see a light at the end of the tunnel I feel like I am going to do what the docs say for years then get surgery making it worse and then end up worse off than I am now.....I feel lost I am only 27 and a life long opiate addiction is enough to deal with.....I don't know how I can go through shots and surgery and everything else that will go along with it all without relief which is the hole I dug for myself......Also I am having a very difficult time getting a PM doc right now I am seeing a guy that I don't really like, I feel like just another person to INJECT.....I will be truthful and upfront with any doc I see, I simply have to be in order to be treated.....but I have found a lot of PM's won't even see some one that is an addict....if anyone knows a PM in Austin TX that is GREAT Please let me know.....I will do anything they require from me....I have become desperate I can't work right now and am out of options