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Re: How to change my lifestyle

Originally Posted by RaT48 View Post

I'm 6ft tall
21 yrs old

I had a bad life style. Not a lot of sleep, not a lot of healthy food, a lot of coffee, a lot of fast food and so on, a lot of stress!!! and not a lot of physical exercise.

On Friday 11/18 I was throwing up in the morning. Since I did not eat anything that morning I only vomited saliva and I think mucus. (Color of mucus was yellow, and than green.) On Monday 11/21 I was so weak that I could not get out of bed, I went to the hospital for dehydration. They gave me 2 liters of IV and than sent me home.

It's been almost 2 weeks now and I still feel weak and my stomach is giving me weird noises. I don't know what to do to have energy again.

I started drinking a lot of water and eating a little more fruits. I also started walking about 15-25 minutes a day, depending how I feel.

Is there something wrong with me that I'm so weak? I need some advice.

P.S. I was watching a lot of videos on the quality of water and I came to a conclusion that all the waters are bad for you, especially the bottled ones. Can anyone recommend a healthy good water? I know it seems like a stupid question, but %60 of the body is water so I would rather avoid the bad kind.

Thank You in advance
It looks like you kind of answered your own question, starting with "I had a bad life style..." But it looks like you're taking measures to get back into shape, like drinking more water, sleeping at regular times, exercising and eating more fresh foods. I guess the reason why you're feeling weak is because you're not eating 'real' foods like meat, poultry, fish, eggs, grains or vegetables. But if your stomach isn't up to it yet, then you should take in some electrolyte replacement drinks like Elete or Clif Bar in the meantime.