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Re: Labrythitis, Menieres, BPPV?

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to quickly update this thread because I hope someone else might be helped by it if they have had similar symptoms.

I just had my first appointment with the neurologist and have been diagnosed with Migraine (or Migraine Associated Dizziness). I am starting on 10mg Nortriptyline at night for three months and will go from there. She said I was a classic migraine case and that medication should definitely help. Usually her first line of medication is a beta blocker or calcium channel blocker but because I have low blood pressure and a family history of depression she opted for a tricyclic antidepressant. There is another one to try is Nortriptyline does not work for me and if that doesn't work she would like me to try botox injections. Relpax (a triptan) has also helped significantly with the pain I felt both in my ear and in my head so I do not fear these attacks anymore.

I would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to Bindar for giving me your opinion that you thought I had migraine right from the beginning. Without your help I might be waiting endlessly seeing ENT's with no hope of a diagnosis. Thank you for being so helpful on these boards, you have no idea how much time and agony you saved me by pointing me in the right direction when this all began.

Let's hope the Nortriptyline does the job!