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Question Drowning out the Negative Thoughts

When suffering from deep bipolar depression the worst aspect for me is the constant negative thoughts and fears, and Iíd be grateful for any advice on how to mute them.

Iím not the kind of person who responds to any kind of therapy, and relaxation or meditation techniques are also quite useless for me.

Last year was exceptionally bad for me due to a temporary reduction in lithium dosage. When Iím down I find that being with people is even worse than the rumination, so I withdrew completely socially, as usual, and spent almost six months playing Morrowind, Oblivion etc. This was the only way I could drown out the thoughts, but the moment I stopped playing they would crowd back in again and torment me.

So the only thing Iíve discovered is distraction, and Skyrimís on the way, but I donít want to spend half of every year playing RPG games that Iím not even interested in when Iím up, so Iíd love to hear of anything else that works to engage the mind on that level and stops the rumination.

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