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Re: Drowning out the Negative Thoughts

hi there, i know exactley what you mean. When im depressed, i hate being around people, or in public, i feel awkward, like even when i talk, my voice sounds funny to me. or if im in a store, i feel like everyone is looking at me.

i have been able to over come it but still happens a lot. you are not going to like my answer. You have to FORCE yourself, to do things. Make yourself go out for dinner, or the mall, and i know it will be horrible at the time, and you will feel so weird and uncomfortable, but after, you will feel better, and being social, comes easier and easier. Only you can help you..

I had to FORCE myself to go to the grocery store for shampoo this morning, i was uncomfortable the whole time, but i feel a little better now, becuase i did it!!!!!!

remember the laws of attractions, positive things, produce positive results. sometimes, i repeat, today is a good day, im going to be happy, out loud, over and over to myself. Drown the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. You have to beat them!