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Re: RLS taking control of my life :'(

Hi Teeny, I've just joined this forum... had RLS for 30+ years and never thought of looking for a forum until today. My RLS pretty much rules my life too. I've tried Mirapex. It helped for about a month until my system got used to it and it quickly stopped working. However, if I use it only now and then, for things like plane travel, etc. it works well. Have also tried Requip whih is similar to Mirapex with no better results. Clonazepam by itself is a little helpful but not great. I also tried amitriptyline which completely took my symptoms away for about 6 months, then they returned quickly.

I was on Neurontin for about 3 years and switched over to Lyrica which is a similar drug. They both gave me what I would say was about a 60 - 70% reduction in symptoms. However, my reasons for coming off of both the Neurontin and Lyrica were because they made my mind cloudy and I had some difficulty with concentration - it was affecting my accuracy at work significantly. They both made me extremely forgetful.

Now I'm on codeine 30 - 60 mg each evening - it has provided good relief, but not total. I supplement with .5 mg of clonazepam in the evening. Tramadol would likely have a similar effect to the codeine, both are effective for RLS. You will very likely notice a worsening of symptoms if you come off of it.

However, would Tramadol cause the RLS... I have no idea.

If you can tolerate the Neurontin stick with it along with the Tramadol.

The reality of RLS is that many people have to change the type of therapy they're on every few months or so. Keep trying. Do lots of your own research and ask your doctor a lot of questions.