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hi new here but worried

Hi everyone,

First of all thank you for simply being here and im hoping one of you will chat back to this thread. Im 22 year old female and 6 months ago i was hospitalised for 8 days after collapsing and having what the doctors are still trying to figure out. I had severe photophobia and a crushing headache and weakness in my left limbs. Was told the most likely diagnosis was some kind of bleed in my brain but the scans ruled it out but then I know they can be missed and its now thought it was a capillary aneurysm that burst but resolved before the MRI 5 days later. On Tuesday however i had another strange moment. THis is 6 months later, and i had a pain and burning feeling in my neck, then that went and i was unable to move me left arm or leg, felt very sick, had blurred vision and double vision in left eye only, speech was slightly slurred, it lasted for about 2 hours but was so sudden in coming on. I felt very confused and tired throughout and after. I have made an appointment to see my GP on the 28th, was the quickest i could see him as surgery is closed now until then for refurbishment.

It was all just a little bit scary and i think i just needed to write it somewhere so I can think about it and what to tell the GP. Does this sound like anyone elses story? I dont know if its a TIA or anything but its highly likely as I have had suspected one already and I have vasculitis which may cause it.

Thanks everyone, hope you all have a great christmas x

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