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Red face chronic throat spasms pain

Ever since my grand-mother passed away 3 years ago I've been experiencing these random throat muscle spasms. It comes and it goes randomly it seems. I'm guessing it might be brought on by chronic stress.

The pain as best as I can describe it:
- inside/middle of my throat more on the right side
- sharp
- stabbing sensation
- concentrated in 1 spot - bottom of the neck

It happens VERY randomly, I could be talking and all of a sudden I get this VERY sharp/concentrated pain inside my throat which I can't do anything to suppress. The pain is so overwhelming that I'm pretty much paralyzed in movement (frozen). I sometimes feel like I'm chocking where I have to cough, which then just intensifies the pain. It gradually does goes away around after 20-30 seconds. Then my voice is hoarse for a few minutes when I talk.

What else triggers it: yelling (raising my voice), coughing, sneezing, swallowing anything (food/liquids/saliva) in big quantities (gulps).

Now like I said, this is random, after a day or two I might not experience this for weeks if not months.
I'm currently going through it right now and it's lasted for almost a week now, which is why I'm trying to seek possible reasons/causes for this random pain.

Occasionally I can poke my finger at a certain spot at the bottom of my throat to sometimes prevent an "attack" from occurring when I'm eating or drinking.

I did go to a clinic a few years ago and they just said it's probably just a muscle in my neck that's been weaken by suppressing emotional distress/stress (my grand-mothers passing, tried really hard not to cry/breakdown/etc)

I've searched and I've searched for possible reasons for this and haven't been able to find anything that matches all my symptoms. I do have an appointment booked with my doctor next week. I'd just like to know some possible reasons before I go see him so I'm not left in the dark.

I am on blood pressure medicine (currently under control) and anti-depressants (wellbutrin).


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