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Here we go again...

I am now 2 years 4 months post op for right ankle oats. My outcome is not very good. I never got great range of motion back after the surgery despite the great efforts from me and my PT. At the two year mark, my OS says he sees two area of "concern" on the x-rays and wants an MRI. Tried that, but with all the hardware in there, the images were unreadable. So, the only option was to do a scope, which I had done 13 days ago, with hardware removal so we could MRI later if needed. Surgery went well, but the information found was not good. There was a lot more scar tissue to remove than he thought there would be and a lot of damaged cartilage that we were not prepared for at all. At my post op office visit he said that if he could do a total replacement he would but I am about 24 years too young for that. Apparently there is now damage to the cartilage on the end of my tibia and the joint is full of arthritis. The options he mentioned at this point are 1) ankle fusion 2) ankle distraction 3) total joint allograph replacement and of course there is always the option of Suck It Up. My head was, and still is, swimming. I was completely blindsinded in the office as I was in no way expecting this type of information. I couldn't think of anything to ask. I will see him again on 1/3. I am researching as much as I can and writing down questions for when I see him again. Any thoughts or suggestions?????

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