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Questions, Father had MS


Not sure if I should post here. I have some questions that I would like some input on. I am a little worried that this couild be RA or another auto-immune disorder, since my father had MS and my understanding is that that makes me many times more likely to develope some kind of auto immune issue.

I have discovered (via ct scan) that I have arthritis on my spine, and I seem to have particular trouble with my mid-back up to between my shoulder blades. I am 46 and male. I did have a holter test done 3 years back. I have had 2 stress echos, the last being a year ago. I had a thorough ct scan of my torso earlier this year, that's when they told me I had some arthritis. I woul like an MRI but I have no insurance right now. I take meds for blood pressure. The only prescription med I take for pain is Tramadol, 50 mg. It helps a little. So, I would like to describe my pain and symptoms to see if others can relate and maybe have any suggestions.

I get pain in my mid to upper back. This pain is a bit different as it isn't really a sore feeling, more of a burning, raw sensation that is not surface, but deep. The pain seems to travel around to my chest. I have an aching/burning sensation on my xyphoid process, as well as what can be best described as a deep burning or raw sensation in two fixed locations on my chest. These areas are about 3 inches below either side of my collar bone, or about halfway between my nipples and collarbone. It feels like the pain is deep and not superficial. If I lay on a hard surface with a heat back wadded up and put directly under my mid back, that seems to help. I also get a fair amount of pain throughout my chest when I stretch or twist, as well as pain radiating throughout my abdomen. Lately, I have noticed another odd one; on my right butt I get a feeling as though I sat in hot water, and then it goes away, only lasts a few seconds to maybe ten seconds at most and then goes away. It doesn't hurt, it's just weird.

Other symptoms and tests that I have had over the last 7 years include: PVC's. A lot of fatigue.
Intermittent tinnitus last anywhere from a few days to a few months
MAJOR BRAIN FOG starting in March of 2005, 24/7
chronic recurring prostate issues; enlargement
TSH test was 1.73 in 2007. Have had several since that time, at least 4. Last one in May of 2011, was 1.00.
Noticed a trend toward a lower heart rate. Not uncommon to have a resting pulse of 50.
2005 Had MRI ordered by Neurologist. Came back clear
Had sleep study. No apnea
Have had several bouts of carpel tunnel like pain on my left hand between base of thumb and wrist. Also, have had same pain on top of left foot at base of big toe (top) and up towards ankle when flexing foot out straight. (Tarsel tunnel?) Quite painful. Both included numbness.
Enlarged submandigular gland. Had neck ultrasound. No concern noted. Slightly enlarged thyroid gland.

January 2010 I developed a rash on my my stomach, right side as well as my back, right side. It was about ping-pong paddle size. At first I was concerned it was shingles since it had the location and pattern that usually comes with it. My doctor prescribed antivirals just in case (didn't take them). After 2 days the rash on my stomach shrank slightly, while the one on my back got larger, spreading a bit towards my left side. The rash looked very much like contact dermatitis. It itched alot and felt hot. I had not been exposed to any chemicals, poison oak, ivy or anything of that nature
Last year through early in 2011 had a few incidents of hypertensive spikes (180/120). These seem to have resolved.

An odd symptom that I have started having a year ago is that any time I drink alcohol, doesn't matter what kind, within about 10 to 20 minutes I start to get very sore, all through my abdominal muscles and up into my shoulder, neck. It is a soreness, not a sharp pain. However, if I lay down flat on my back, the soreness eases up. It is the weirdest symptom and I can't find anyone else that shares it.

Regards, Brenden.

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