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question about my glucose levels

Last week, I went to the doctor to get my blood drawn for hepatitis B. I received a call back from the nurse saying everything was alright on that part, but my glucose level was at 127, which was a bit high, so she wanted me to do another set of lab works. At the time, I just had a meal and a large cup of coffee, so I wasn't too sure if that was the cause.

This morning, I woke up, had my normal breakfast (oatmeal), and went to get my blood drawn. I got a call this afternoon and the person at the front desk told me that my ____ levels was in the upper range of normal, at 59. She said that the doctor usually wants people to be under 60. I don't know what that ___ is. Do the numbers ring a bell to you guys?

so I guess with this, what does it mean for me? Am I in the danger zone to get diabetes? I'm going to watch what I eat, but does that mean absolutely nothing sweet? (fruits, chocolate, etc etc)? How much sugar does it take to get past 160 and to diabetes?

I eat a protein bar every morning, and i"m wondering if I should cut that.

even my natural peanut butter sandwich has 2 grams of sugar. should I avoid? My greek yogurt has about 9 grams sugar per serving. is that bad too?

Edit: I figured it out. It's my Hemaglobin A1C, and it is 5.9, and the doctor said normal is 6 or under

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