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Re: Here we go again.....


Sorry to hear about your appt, but hate to say same thing happened to me.

My OATS plugs incorporated, but after that surgery I lost all ROM and developed major arthritis in ankle joint as well as subtalar joint.

I did the ankle distraction twice in the last 2 years - total of 9 months in the frame and other than it helped me get my foot at least flat - it didn't help with the arthritis as I also just had my subtalar joint fused.

I am just 3 months out of the second frame but don't feel any better and in fact, second distraction caused some nerve issues, which I've had surgery on twice since May (second being 3 days ago).

Distraction is experimental and while I was willing to try it, based on my experiences and others of those who had it, I would go for another option. After doing distraction twice, I will be looking at complete fusion or replacement soon and I will go with replacement. At least when that runs its course you can at least fuse it then.

I am 44 and too young for this as well, but as you said, not many choices left.

Good luck, if you have my questions, I am here.