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Re: Questions, Father had MS

So with your list of symptoms, let me tell you what I have had and learned from others as to what they experienced with spinal issues.

-Carpal tunnel and ankle pain is similar to what I have experienced with my spine issues as have others posting here. A compressed nerve can produce pain anywhere along the entire length of the nerve.....lumbar spine to tip of toes or neck to tip of fingers.

-brain fog......I don't know why but we have all speculated that it has to do with the blocking of spinal fluid as it circulates through the spine and brain. but it is really common in spine problems.

Many of your other symptoms...PVC's, tinnitus, abnormal thyroid tests, prostate problems, swollen lymph glands....they are all things that happen with age and the problems we encounter with life...a virus that we have trouble shaking, stress, diet, whatever. PVC's happen with age....I had 2% of my heart beats as PVC's 10 years ago at 50 and now at 60, they make up 50% of my heart beats but pose no threat to my health...only annoying! Hubby has had many of the same health issues you have with the prostate problems and lymph glands and thyroid but they all would return to normal eventually.

And the heart does slow down as we your slowing heart rate is normal.

Were you ever tested for Lyme Disease with the rashes you had? If not, you should be to make sure.

As for fatigue.....I know what it's like to feel tired all the time but when you talk of the fatigue of Ra, it is something else again. I thought I knew what fatigue was until I got Ra and was hit by THAT fatigue. I would fall asleep standing up I was so tired. Literally could not stay awake if sitting down. It was as if I has just come down with the worst case of the flu you've ever had and your body just couldn't function at all and all you did was sleep.....and it went on for days and weeks and even months if not treated. You would know you were very sick if you experienced it and the docs would see it on your face. And the reason I say it's like the flu is that the source is an over stimulated immune system that can't shut down. That is what causes the fatigue of the's the immune system firing up to go after the virus and in Ra, it just doesn't shut down so that "first day, I've got the flu feeling where you just kind of collapse", it what it feels like.

As for the alcohol feeling....I find it very interesting that laying down makes it go away...that is why we with spine issues are always lying helps the pain. Perhaps the alcohol makes you relax and that makes the back stiffen in response and it goes away when you lie down as the back is now supported.

Looks to me like you need to see "inside" that back of yours when you can afford an MRI!