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are these healthy food choices?

So just briefly, I"m 28, male, 5'4, about 148lbs. My BMR is about 1600 calories. My goal is eat healthier, and also try to lose the belly with exercise.

Here is what I have been eating for the past couple weeks. It has been okay and I think I can sustain it. I just want to make sure it's the right choices.

I eat throughout the day:

steel cut oats
handful of blackberries

greek plain yogurt

natural peanut butter, with slices of bread.

lean turkey
whole wheat pasta
mixed veggies

protein bar

I tried doing one serving of each for a whole day, and I couldn't get to my 1600 calories, so it sounds like I need to eat more. Can I just simply increase the portions? Do the foods seem like a good balance of protein and carbs? I"m thinking of increasing the oatmeal and the turkey/veggies/pasta. Maybe peanut butter too.


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