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Re: Here we go again.....

It really confuses me from a medical knowledge point why they put an "age" on ankle replacements. If the ankle is not useable at this point and it not possible to be out of pain and lead a "normal" life why would they put an age limit. So in 20 years when you are old enough your body is completly deterated from lack of use and your weight goes up. I realize that there is wearing out issues but if it lasts even 15 years then that is 15 years of life you can have, and the possibility of having better replacement technology in the next 15 years. It just makes me want to shake the doctor and ask how they would feel. What do they really think it is like to have to live with this pain and lack of mobility. Makes me crazy. I am so sorry to those of you who have continuing problems. Distraction sounds like it sucks and I think you all must be very strong to do it. Sorry for fussing but It just makes my blood boil.