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am i allergic to my boyfriend?

Hi everyone - seasons greetings to you all!

Thanks very much for clicking on this thread - I'm getting pretty desperate for help so any advice would be gratefully received.

I've recently started a relationship with a really great guy and everything is going fantastically well apart from one significant problem - I think I'm allergic to him!

Everytime we spend the night together I wake up the next morning with inbearably itchy eyes which then develop into full on allergic conjunctivitis - bright red, itchy with swollen eyelids and eczema all around my eyelids. The symptoms seem to take about four days to clear up and then they flare up again as soon as I spend the night with him again. they don't seem to react when we spend time together - it's only when we've slept in the same bed.

I've been to three different doctors and I now have some medication which seems to be helping control the symptoms (steroid eye drops, antihistamine eyedrops, hydroquarterzone cream and diprobase) but they aren't preventing the flare ups each time I sleep with him.

We've tried to eliminate everything we can think of which might be causing the reaction - washing detergent, bodywash, deoderant, cologne etc - but nothing seems to be working.

Do you think it's possible that I'm actually allergic to my boyfriend?

I'm due to see an allergist quite soon but would really appreciate any advice you may have in the meantime as I'm getting pretty desperate and it's interfering with my work.

Many thanks once again!

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