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I've recently had a few sessions with a sleep psychologist and here are a few tips i've learned. Don't stay in bed if your not sleeping, get up and read a boring book. Don't nap during the day. Go to bed from 1030-4a, or 11-4:30, and after you have success at that, extend time time by 15 min either at the start or end of those times. After each week of success, keep extending the time by 15 min. Sleep helpers: Warm milk (w/touch of honey) or tea (w/touch of honey). Warming the milk releases the "tryptophan". A little honey also helps sleep, as well as the "sleepy foods" such as bananas, almonds, oatmeal (google for list of more) Hope that helps. (Now- I did have success when i folllow the rules, but i've fallen off the rules and need to get back with the program)

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