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Re: its all in my belly! help!

Thanks, John.

I may do just that, shoot for 150. My 6-year-old has already started complaining, haha, that we don't have macaroni and cheese as much as we used to, but I am working on getting him (and the younger kids) used to better habits.

My husband (since he eats what I cook) has also lost 9 lbs, and has mentioned himself that we could "do it together", but he's so funny - I know he finds me sexy, but he's so worried that if he shows support for my weight loss goals I think he's afraid I'll think he doesn't find me attractive. I know that he does fact I weigh what I did when we met, he's just funny how he dances around the issue. He himself (he's 36, 5'9) is around 225 lbs and was about 180 when we met, so he's gained more than I have! He says he wants to lose weight but doesn't seem to take it as seriously as I do. His being in upper management at his job and schmoozing with clients at lots of dinners and events can do that, and his golf game isn't exercise no matter what he claims haha!

Perhaps if I could get my husband fully on-board, it would be easier. Maybe if I promise him an extra night of sex each time he loses a pound..?

I'm also working to get my libido back to the vixen I used to be, lately I'm not in the mood as much.