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Re: Pain managment of an Opiod addicted person

Ya I realize how much it costs I was actually prescribed oxy's for a while but the script I was given wasn't even close to being enough and I didn't want to tell my doc how much I really needed because it was so much....I have insurance because I got a job which I got laid off from....I got laid off because I took to many days off because of my back.....My boss didn't fire me though...He told me that when I was there and working that I was one of the best that he ever had...I am a mechanic....but that I got laid off rather than the other guy because he didn't think I was reliable enough and I think he was right, there are just some days when I didn't have any pain meds and I was in to much pain to be standing or crawling on a concrete floor all day.....any way I ended up getting cobra which my parents are paying for.....I had the same issue that you had twice when I had the script....I finally broke down and went to the ER and spilled my guts.....I just couldn't handle it my doc found out about my addiction and my past and said he would only prescribe suboxen which is GREAT if all I had to worry about was my addiction but it does almost nothing for my pain.....I know I am just telling you guys about my past but it is nice to type it and let others know what I am going through I am a very closed of person and really don't tell anyone, even close people about anything serious in my life...I have a lot of people I know and talk to but very few close friends.....I even find it hard to talk to my wife about these issues......I hope one day when I am a bit wiser to help people that have to deal with these same things....but right now I know I am the one that needs help.....I hope everyone had a great x-mas and a happy new year

P.S. I know now that I have to be honest with anyone that tries to help me its the only way to get the best help.....would you guys and gals agree with that?