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Was it a stroke? Now seizures...

Hello all and Merry belated Christmas! My dad will be 70 in January. He has been in the ICU since Dec 9 because of delirium during the end of his dialysis session. He was rushed to the ER because of that. Three MRIs and countless CT scans later, he is negative for stroke, infection. After a spinal tap, definitely negative for infection. Cytology is negative for cancer or malignancy. All the neurologists have been telling us is that there is inflammation on the left frontal lobe or luminar side and MRI shows cloudiness on left frontal lobe. His right side is flacid and weak, you would almost think he is paralyzed. Right now and since he has been in the hospital, he has not been been fully awake or conscience. He is on a feeding tube and is basically semi-comatose. To add to all this, we feel the the hospital was giving unessary dosages of Ativan via IV because of possible seizures. These seisures were facial twitching. We changed hospitals this past week with minimal progress orimprovement on my dad. Just the day before all this happened, he was fine, talking, walking, laughing, eating, but complaining of a bad headache. I just wanted to know if there is anyone out there that may have an idea what may be going on.

Just a little background... He has been on dialysis for 1yr and 9mos. In 2003, he had 5 bypass surgery on his heart. He has been in good spirits since then. Ay insights are appreciated.

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