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Re: One Year post ACDF and problems

Thanks! The old jock in me takes some sort of weird pride in the "nasty" comment! I did sort of ignore this injury for as long as I could. Yes, I had times where I went to P.T. over the years, chiropractors, special pillows, you name it. I did not know the extent of my issues back then. I just thought it was arthritis, old age, etc. I had told many doctors over the years about my sore neck, but no one ever did an mri. Lots of xrays, but never anything more diagnostic than that. I certainly had lots of pains in my neck, but I was so busy playing sports, working, raising a family, living, as hard as I could! I just didn't have time to be laid up, for any reason. I don't know what I could have done, to avoid ending up here, anyway. It finally got bad enough that I had to get it fixed, no matter what, and we got an mri done and ended up with acdf surgery.

My wife says this happened because "I have a big ol' head" which is true and also makes me laugh, and that always helps, doesn't it?

I'm going to talk to my doctor about what you have mentioned. I think I need to be real careful, and make sure this is properly addressed. This fusion business makes me nervous because there is no fall back once you're fused. I don't know if the pain management doctor can help me, but I still have that option open to me as well.

I appreciate all the advice. Thank you!