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Need advice - Hysterectomy or not????

I am 33 years old with a 15 year old daughter. I was diagnosed with high risk HPV 14 years ago & have had 3 LEEPS since that time; the 3rd one being 1.5 years ago. My pap just came back abnormal again 2 weeks ago & we're waiting to see if I'll need another LEEP in the new year.

I was also diagnosed with endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and ovarian cysts (due to the endo) 6 months ago. I NEVER had ANY painful period issues, EVER, UNTIL I had surgery 6 months ago to remove the endo, ovarian cysts, & fibroids. NOW, since the surgery, I am in SEVERE pain for the first 3 days of my period, to the point to where I just want to hurl myself off of a tall building, just for some sort of relief. I feel that having that surgery was the worst thing I could have done, eventhough I had the endo, cysts, & fibroids removed.

I have been on 4 or 5 different birth control pills with NOTHING MORE than a BAD reaction to all of them, so I'm about DONE with hormonal medications. I WANT another child SOOOO BAD BUT I am still in school and not in the best position, financially to have another one, so I think I'm kind of "holding on" to the womb for future referrence BUT, at the same time, I'm SO SICK of having health issues related to this crap already!!!

I am thinking of having a hysterectomy, with removal of my cervix, and maybe one ovary; I thinking if I leave an ovary, I won't be pushed into menopause 20 something years before my time. I think my biggest issue is sex after a hysterectomy, with no cervix. I know this may sound stupid but HOW is sex mechanically possible without a cervix, after a hysterectomy?

I'm just looking for SOME sort of relief here. I DON'T have sex on a daily basis; we'd be LUCKY to have it once a few months or so and G-D BLESS my boyfriend of 13 years for dealing with me and my health issues. I feel bad for him and have thought about letting him go, so that he can find someone, without medical issues, that he can live a "normal" existence with...

ANY & ALL advice / info would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!



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