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Part 1 pre-Implants...Upper Immediate Denture Received

Ive been lurking for several months and now that my dental work has begun wanted to post in case this can be of help to any of you.

I am 34 y.o. otherwise healthy female. Until this year had literally not been to the dentist except for extractions. I smoked my entire adult life until earlier this year (2011) when I quit for good. My teeth were broken, decayed, stained, painful to brush and.....humiliating. I had lots and lots of infection under my gums that the dentist basically scraped out after extractions. I was not able to keep any of my upper teeth. Most of my lowers have been kept. I'll receive six implants covering 11 or 12 teeth up top, and three implants on bottom, rest of my bottom teeth are okay.

I first had seven upper teeth extracted, then five weeks of healing and weekly appts. so impressions could be taken. Then rest of upper teeth (I think eight) were taken out one week ago today and I was given my immediate denture. They also shaved some bone in certain parts and did bone grafting in other parts.

Denture Experience So Far: Okay it fits so well I am shocked. Doc had me leave it on the first 24 hours, only removing it once to rinse and put it right back in. There was a spot it was rubbing on my gums, so a soft re-line was done and that fixed that. I had envisioned denture glue and such and while it's only been one week, if this thing continues to fit so well I will not need the adhesive.

It is unsettlgin to take your teeth out at night and put them in a cup aks "denture bath", kind of sad, a little nerve wracking all around. But it is far better than broken discolored decayed teeth. I can eat normal foods, nothing hard but that's okay. I am SO VERY anxious to get this denture off and my implants but I still have several months ahead of me.

One thing I did that I do not see mentioned here often is I went straight to a Prothodontist instead of a general dentist. They put a huge amount of effort into not inly the fit of the denture but making sure my bite is right, etc etc. They did not just extract teeth and give me a shoddy denture.

So, my experience so for with this upper denture is actually pretty good. If I talk to loudly I can hear a slight whistle and that drives me buts becuase I basically can't yell at my kids LOL! But I do not lisp or sound odd otherwise. When I take the denture out my speech is completely different, sound like an "old lady".

My next step is mid-February 2012 the implants are placed, then must heal several months before I get my "teeth".

Sorry so long...and Happy New Year!

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