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Re: Need advice - Hysterectomy or not????

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your response!!! I APRRECIATE ALL the responses / experiences other's have to share regarding the same issues I have. It's comforting to know that I'm not alone, although, sometimes it does feel that way....

Have you had any side effects / negative issues after having the hysterectomy? Did you have your cervix removed as well? What about the big "O"; how's that after having a hysterectomy? Is that even possible after a hysterectomy? I am also worried about vaginal prolaspe too; and any other organ prolapse that could be possible with having a surgery like this. I'm sure these questions sound SO STUPID but I have NO CLUE as to what life will be like after this procedure, IF I decide to have it done. I'm trying to weigh out all of my options, as this surgery isn't a walk in the park, I'm SURE.

I thought that having this myomectomy 6 months ago to remove the endo, ovarian cysts, & fibroids was going to be a good thing for me but since my surgery, I'm in SEVERE PAIN EVERY month. A pain I've NEVER been in before. I'd rather have 20 more kids, pain med FREE, every 9 months for the rest of my life than to EVER experience the monthly pain I feel when I get my period. It's just INSANE!

I NEVER had ANY issues like this until about 2 years ago; it seems like since I hit 30 years old, everything seems like it's going down the drain, health-wise, FAST!!! I've been diagnosed with the endo, ovarian cysts, & fibroids, along with the severe monthly pain, all in less than 2 year's time. I have changed my diet since I had the surgery; I don't eat red meat anymore (haven't done so in 2 years) & I don't eat fast food (I couldn't even tell you the last time I had fast food); I do eat chicken & fish once in a while & when I do eat it, it is organic. I'm hoping that if I eat a more "clean", natural diet, I'm eliminating some of the extra hormones that are contained in these foods, as I've read that these health issues that I've been "blessed" with are associated with an overload of estrogen.

I just want a "normal" existence / sex life without issues with pain, recovering from biopsies &/or LEEP procedures, laparotomy surgeries to remove endometrial implants, etc. I KNOW that a hysterectomy DOESN'T cure endometriosis but I'm thinking that there HAS GOT TO BE SOMETHING that I can do here. I'm just SO TIRED of the bleeding, the pain, & the CONSTANT worrying everyday about this. It's preventing me from living any kind of a real life.

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