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Re: going through the basal joint surgery process - at least, my story

Hi Ginger Tea: I am 5 weeks out from basal joint/tendon transfer surgery on my dominant hand. Like Haydena, I had general anesthesia, stayed one night in the hospital for pain management, and had no screws or wires, just a non removable splint which was just taken off earlier this week. I think that you really should consider staying in the hospital overnight. I was highly sensitive to the pain medication they gave me, Dollitid instead of morphine because I developed a rash from the morphine, and I was extremely ill from the anesthesia. If I had not been on the hospital IV I would have become dehydrated from the vomiting and that is dangerous. In my case, I stopped vomiting as soon as I stopped using the pain pump and really never experienced a great deal of pain. I took extra strength Tylenol capsules for a few days after the surgery, and very rarely after that. Now I only have tenderness around the incision spot, and have ordered Arnica cream per Haydena's advice (my surgeon confirmed it's usefulness). Even though my thumb is still swollen and stiff, I can tell you that there is no more of that grinding sharp pain that I suffered through for 2 years prior to surgery. I am optimistic for a complete recovery although I know that it will take months to develop strength there. My other thumb is just as bad, but I'm going to beg my surgeon for one more cortisone injection and pray that I can hold off on having that surgery until next year at this time. I'm lucky to be a unionized employee and will be able to take 3-4 months off again at that time. Don't be afraid of this surgery! It is so worth it! The only thing I wish that I had done differently was to have already had that supply of Arnica cream on hand, like Haydena had recommended, as it is not available in the drugstore here and I have to wait at least 4 days now to have it shipped to me. If your surgeon is going to use a wire or screws, I'd find a different hand specialist. People who have had the K-wire say that it was very uncomfortable. Best of luck to you.

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