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Re: Need advice - Hysterectomy or not????

I do have an abdominal scar from the myomectomy 6 months ago; like a c-section scar. I was in the hospital for a whopping 36 hours before they booted me out & sent me home with nothing more than a RX for 40 percocets, which did NOTHING for the pain. I have to say that Advil Liqui-gels worked better for the pain than the narcotics they Rx'd me! LOL! I could care less about scarring; I just want SOME sort of relief. To me, the scars are just a reminder of living "battle wounds". LOL! I would give my right arm, & learn to write with my left, for ONE DAY of normalcy; JUST ONE.

I am SO SCARED of having a hysterectomy, just thinking of all of the negative things that could happen afterwards. My family keeps pushing towards the hystrectomy but it's easier said than done when it's not them that has to make the decision & live with the consequences. I kind of regret having the myomectomy 6 months ago BUT if I didn't have it, I would have NEVER known that I had the endo or the ovarian cysts, until the cysts burst or until I tried to have another child & couldn't because of the cysts & endo...

I want a hysterectomy to be the ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT for doctor offered to do it when we were discussing the myomectomy but was hesitant to do it because of my age, desire for more children, & lack of uterine cancer. He wanted to put me on birth control pills & do one of those "wait & see" approaches with the fibroids but I figured "why"? I'm just covering up the issue with pills; like putting a band-aid on a bullet hole. The bc pills weren't going to resolve the fibroids.

I want another child SO BAD. I guess that's what's holding me back from doing it. My boyfriend of 13 years has a 16 year old son from a previous marriage & I have a 15 year old daughter (soon to be 16 in 3 weeks) from a previous relationship BUT I WANT one with him. I want a mixture of his son & my daughter for myself; I want a piece of him for me. Does that sound selfish? It did to me, when I read it...LOL! Maybe I'm not supposed to have another child. I don't know....I just NEVER pictured my life to be the way it is. I NEVER in my worst nightmares EVER thought I'd have health issues like this or be living my life based around these health issues....and what's worse, is I feel like I'm dragging him down with me. I feel SO BAD that we can't do the things that normal couples do everyday. I feel like my situation just isn't fair to him.

I don't know....I guess I'mjust scared that if I have the hysterectomy, thinking that it'll be good for me, it would turn out for the worst, knowing my luck....or lack thereof....