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Re: CT scan shows spots on liver... worried and scared!

Hey There

you can ask you GP or hepatologist to run the standard tumor marker which is AFP alpha fetoprotien that will help diagnose Hepatocellular carcinoma AKA HCC can you post the lab results with reference ranges? is your bilirubin elevated? ALT? AST? alkoline phosphate? GGT? if they are all normal then its very likely that they could be hemangioma's which is a common benign tumor which causes no symptoms
another test which you can have done is called a tri phasic Cat Scan of your liver this should help visualize the lesions in question and determine pathology

i my self am dealing with two liver tumors one which is 5mm in size and has been diagnosed as hemangioma and the second one which is 1.8cm and non specific its a weird one because the mri classified it as a malignant tumor but the tri phasic ct didnt pick it up! my hepatologist told me the basic standard abdominal ct will is not suitable for diagnosing liver tumors at the end of the day if your still worried ask for MRI which is the test most dr go by!

my only advice is be your own advocate if 3 months is not good for you i would seek a second opinion!!

hope it helps

i have learned through lots of research and talking with dr's how to interpret my liver function tests.