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Re: going through the basal joint surgery process - at least, my story

Just to clarify....the doctor didn't say anything to me about screws or wires. That is just information I picked up from reading posts on this board!

I see a new surgeon on Jan. 13. The hand surgeon I saw said my arthritis was so bad he wasn't the best one to do the surgery. I am seeing another doctor in the practice who is more familiar with my problem.

If I was a patient person, I would wait until I discuss the surgery with him. But being the curious type, I've been reading everything on LRTI I can find.
I will be ready to challenge him if he mentions screws or wires!!!

I need carpal tunnel surgery too, and according to the articles I've read they should be done at the same time. If you need ct and lrti neither surgery would be successful if they don't do them both. I've been trying to find someone on the board who has had them done at the same time.

Thanks for all your info, if you have anything else you think I should know I'd be glad to hear it!
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