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Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix

I have spoken to both locations in Miami and Phoenix. Yes they can laser both internal and external. Banding does work and is a great option if you only have internals. I have had bands before and the pain from the band usually went away after 6 - 12 hrs. However, bands no longer work for me and I also have externals which you can't band. I would stick with banding and see how it goes. Surgery should always be a last resort. You normally only have to have 3 or 4 bands anyway with not much down time or complications. My recommendation from experience is to only have them do one band at a time. 2 at a time will produce quicker results, but much more painful. I have only considered surgery because all else has failed and I have put up with it for years. Good luck! I understand how you feel.