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re: hives and chest pain

Hi Dane,

Thanks for the reply. I'll check into the Hydroxyzine. The drowsiness has always been an issue with me. I use Doxepin as my last resort if the Zyrtec & Singular together don't take care of it but I've never had to resort to that combo since finding the Zyrtec-Singular combo usually works so well, especially if I take both of them together. Doxepin knocks me out.

Ideally it would be great to actually figure out what is happening that is causing this instead of applying bandaids. Not having to take any pill(s) would of course be ideal.

I work in an office building environment and am checking into incorrect air supply/exchange in the building. I'm suspicious of it because the hives and heartburn started just after we moved into this building. Its been checked once for mold and came back negative. Next is to check for proper air exchange rates and for any other contaminants that make break-down from the furnishings and finishes. There probably isn't anything wrong with the office air but at least I will know and can cross that off the list. We are in the process of testing. It will be good to know either way.

I also cannot eliminate stress as a contributor/cause. Although I don't feel stressed mentally. I do have chronic back pain. I've been in physical therapy for 6 months straightening my back out. My bad back is due to a bad hip I had since I was a child that I just had replaced 2 years ago. I literally grew up slightly twisted --physically not mentally . Trying to straighten that out will take some time but the physical therapist seems to think we can. I have muscle weakness in some areas and over developed and/or over-compensating in others. Figure I'll give it 2 years and see where we're at then.

The hives and heartburn started at the same time, about 4 years ago. The back has been sore for close to 7 or 8 years now. I am more apt to think the hives, heartburn and stress from pain are related. Besides if its not at least my back will feel better after all this. I hope.

Thanks again for the reply.