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Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix

Happy to help! If you search this board there are a few of us who did have laser surgery in AZ. My recovery was uneventful! Easy and only time I had pain was using the bathroom. Burned and ached for a few hours after. I now have problems on the other side of my rectum but cannot afford to go to AZ again. I have also seen a doctor in Miami (I was there for vacation) and he was very nice. I did so much research and went through a period of great depression about this surgery. I have a baby at home and the less down time the better. Where do both of you live? There are a few other places that do it. I have found one in PA, NY, and maybe Michigan. I have gone to the doctor in PA but I have a mild case of proctitis that needs to be cleared up before I can get this hemorrhoid taken care of.