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Smile Re: 2 weeks into being diagnosed with UC

Hi again...Hope you are doing better with your UC sysmptoms...The one thing I seem to remember the most was the urgency I began having after a while. I was a severe case and could only get into remission with high doses of steroids. I could start the car in the morning and begin pulling out the of driveway only to have to come back into the house to go to the bathroom. I mapped out every service station, porta potty, fast food and stores with convienient bathrooms any time I had to go somewhere. But I also think everyone is so different with their UC. Milk products didn't seem to bother me, but a touch of chili powder or chocolate would set me off. Flares are the pits. Stay away from alcohol. My gastenterologist explained it was like pouring lemon juice on a cut. The cramping is painful...I like the suggestion of the heating pad or a warm bath. The warm bath also is good for rectal burning some people get from the multiple BM's. It's like having the flu contantly except when you are in remission. Try orange flavored metamucil after each meal if your stools are bulks them up so you don't go so often....Will continue to check in on you...Good luck and hang in there. You never know what to expect from day to day so it is important to just take one day at a time, educate yourself and your family, and remember there are alot of us going through it with you and we are all here to help you whenever we can.

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