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Re: Suggestions to help a friend

Hi 1questin - You sound like a very caring friend. I hope your friend has worked with his neurologist or a pain management doctor to find the combination of meds that give the most pain relief. There are many different meds that can help, and each individual is different as to which meds help the most. Although some people have terrible pain because either no meds work for them or they have bad side effects to meds, the majority of people with neuropathy can get significant relief from pain. A TENS machine is another possibility for pain relief.

Regarding your question, I remember a post on this board from awhile ago in which a woman described how she used a vibrator very slowly over her husband's legs and feet to give hime pain relief so he could sleep at night. That might be a thoughtful present and something you could do. There are some people with neuropathy who are extremely sensitive to touch; it is painful to them. The vibrator might not be good if your friend is one of these people, but I think most people with neuropathy would find the vibrator treatment very helpful. Or, I've heard some people say that even a massage of the feet and legs gives them relief that lasts for awhile.

Best to you and your friend - Ruby