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Re: sjogrens syndrome/very frightened.

Sorry, It took so long to get back to you. Are you in luck! I miss Philly best darn place on earth. Lived there for a total of 51 years. Oh, my roots. Wish I was there. Anyway, I had, yes had, the best Rheumatologist in the country. I had to move due to not being able to afford the city being on disability. Yuck. It is a well kept secret that he is the best in the country. I hope it stays that way. It is 3:30 am can't sleep for pain tonight. Thought I would peruse my emails. His name is Dr. Mohan Gurubhagavatula, D.O. he is called Dr. Mohan. His practice is called the Arthritis CenterAll I can say is he is the best of the best. He worked with me for four years. Or should I say he put up with me for four years. He diagnosed a neurological problem (not his field but he did it anyway.) He stuck with me throughout my myriad of health issues until, until, he got to the bottom of it.

If I had not seen him in Lansdale when I was living there I would probably have been in a wheel chair. He surrounds himself with the top of the top doctors if you need to be referred. I had been sick for a long, long, time. I did not go into great detail with him on that fact as I was to a point where I did not know where to begin. So many weird symptoms that I felt he would have thought I was a hypochondriac and that was my biggest mistake. I held back and I did not write things down due to my exhaustion; another mistake. Also, I had brain fog and would forget so many important issues in hind site. He tested me for Sjogrens about 6 times and always negative. Last time about a month ago he tested me for everything under the sun and there it was, finally a diagnosis.

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