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Sudde death w/ no symptoms or warning, really heart attack?

Hello. My father passed on thanksgiving evening. He was 69 and had no symptoms/ was on no meds. He had early prostate cancer 3 years ago and underwent radiation and hormone injections. During all those tests docs said he had the heart of a lion! However on Tgiving evening we were watching tv and chatting. My mom asked him to pass the remote and we all heard a tiny gurgling noise and looked to see his head back mouth open - almost grotesque looking. We did CPR and the ambulance came with defibs within 10 mins but we couldn't get him back. The doc said a massive heart attack and at the time we were in such shock we accepted it. I never thought I would have to carry my poor fathers body out of his house after Tgiving lunch. Now I am researching more and it seems that it's very rare to have a heart attack with no chest pain or symptoms and that massive heartattack is not even a medical term. What makes me even more suspicious is that my father had a skin cancer removed from side of his head 15 years ago and at the point where they 'fused' the new skin from the leg with his scalp there was a trickle of blood after he died? Can a heart attack cause bleeding in the head? I would love to find the real cause of his sudden passing. I am not happy with massive heartattack at all, especially on account of the blood from the head. Would anyone confirm or discount my suspicions? Thank you all for reading.

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