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Re: OCD with scratches/dents... also with washing.

Well I would consider my these worries I have with scratches/dents/perfection to be more Pure-O OCD - since I don't have really certain physical rituals with this.

But because it's considered OCD - it should have the Obsessive and Compulsive factor to it - even if its all mental.

Remember the Compulsive factor is what you do (physically or mentally) that tries to relieve the Obsession. Which is kind of odd - considering I think my Obsession drives me even crazier and more agitated. But I think for most of us OCD sufferers, the relief of Obsession is short-lived and it usually gets us deeper into the aggravating cycle of OCD.

I guess for me I can break it down this way (not sure if this is your case):

Trigger Event: I spilled water on my new phone.

Obsession (Almost Instantaneous): OMG - I just short-circuited my brand-spanking new phone. Did I damage it?

Compulsion Response:

I need to examine this phone's every nook and cranny to see if I see anything.

Hmmm.. Looks fine - phone still works, screens clear, no water visible after the cleanup.

(New Thought)
But what-if something else damaged it that I can't see? I NEED TO RESEARCH IT!

(Hours later of online research)
Hmmm... All this research is reassuring me that my phone should be fine, and I haven't seen any glitches on this phone so far at all...

(New Thought)
But still......

(And so on and so forth....)

In the end - what was the reason for me to do all this mental acrobatics? It is to REASSURE myself that I did in fact did NOT initially damage my device - so it wasn't my fault and I shouldn't feel guilty about it to begin with!

And that's how my OCD episode goes from initial Trigger to the end (or agonizing long end - unfortunately.)

As for professional help schwelmr, I think I'm in the same boat as you - I used to have therapy - but now I am trying to do this myself with medication and my own Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Exposure Therapy...

I hope someone else can fill this in - as I would like their opinion on this as well - and whether or not I'm saying all this stuff correctly...

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