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Getting to the hospital

Went to hospital last week for pvc's and once in a while my heart will beat 150-200 beats a minute. For example, your sitting on the couch and boom your heart starts racing to that. It only last's for 20 seconds at the most and I have been getting these once in a blue moon for 20 years.

I had an ekg run and talked to the docter. What concerned me is this turning into ventriclar fibrallition. He told me don't even worry about that, on the ekg my heart muscle was strong. Went to the family docter to follow up and he said that's just for the elderly or someone who has a heart malfunction. So, both seemed not to be too concerned.

Through 8 million thoughts in my head I forgot to ask this question and maybe someone with experience could help. Worst case scenario and my heart starts beating 200x a minute and won't stop will I have enough time to make it to the hospital before something serious goes down? Our hospital is 5-7 minutes away from my house. opinions thanks

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